Since our inception in the market, Buffalo Burger has always been committed to exceptional quality which has been a competitive advantage for our brand, and ultimately our customers. By implementing a strict and consistent quality control cycle, we guarantee to serve fresh, wholesome ingredients — ensuring our burgers are always delicious, but most importantly safe to eat.
Supply Chain
Our cycle starts by monitoring the production and supply chain. We closely work with leading local and international suppliers to constantly evaluate and eliminate any food safety hazards, guaranteeing that our ingredients fully comply with health regulatory requirements at all times.
Buffalo Burger boasts a well-equipped fleet that ensures all ingredients are hygienically packaged, stored in ideal temperatures and delivered to our restaurants in the most efficient and speedy manner.
In-store Handling
Every employee at Buffalo Burger is critical in the delivery of high quality and safe products. That’s why we invest in employee training as an integral part of our on-going commitment to exceed all quality, food safety and regulatory requirements.
Enhanced Restaurant Procedures
Buffalo Burger is keen on maintaining a hygienic and clean environment at all its kitchens to ensure safe food handling and ultimate quality. Therefore, we implement strict sanitization procedures that involve our food preparation to guarantee that our outlets, as well as our employees do not become a source of contamination for our guests.